Your day in Florence

The most complete tour to discover Florence in every corner!

Are you passionate about art and history? Would you like to see everything in Florence? “I Like Florence” make it real!
In 6 hours only you can visit the two most important museums, the Uffizi Museum and the Academy Gallery, and stroll into the city centre to admire the highlights of Florence: Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge), Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace)!
Moreover, we will have time for an “espresso” or a yummy ice-cream in the best gelateria of Florence!

A full immersion in art and history of Florence

Our exploration starts in Piazza della Repubblica (Republic Square), the ancient Roman forum, then Old Market and now “salotto buono” of Florence.
Then we stop in front of The Porcellino Market (the Piggy Market), the famous Florentine leather market. Under this beautiful 16th century porch, you can find the most famous good luck of Florence!!
In a few steps we reach the Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge), the oldest bridge of Florence: on either side we can admire shining windows of goldsmiths and silversmiths and the incredible Vasari Corridor, private passage made for the Medici Family in the 16th century. The first part of our tour is the Uffizi Museum, house of Renaissance art.
With your guide you skip the line and and start your wonderful journey to discover the most famous artworks by the Renaissance masters, like the Birth of Venus and The Primavera by Botticelli, The Adoration by Leonardo, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo and the Medusa by Caravaggio. At the end, we take our time to relax and taste some authentic Florentine food in a typical “trattoria”.
In the afternoon, we move to the religious centre of Florence walking in the Dante District, the Medieval neighbourhood.
Then you will shout out “Wow” in front of the view of Piazza del Duomo (the Duomo square). Here you can admire the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the magnificent Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Romanesque Baptistery, embellished by the famous Porta del Paradiso (Gate of Haven).
Our trip continues to the Academy Gallery where the original David is housed.
Here we skip the line again and, after the first room dedicated to Renaissance painting, we are in front of the stunning David!
Our guides will answer all of your questions about this incredible masterpiece, they will unveil its hidden aspects and they will tell you about the life of the young Michelangelo.

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: 280,00 €. (Rates are per tour, tickets not included )


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