Fun in Florence

Funny and educational tours for kids and families!!!

Florence is the perfect city for families: not too big, not too crowded, but with so many stories and corners to love!
I Like Florence is specialized in organizing tours for kids according to the different needs of their families.
We can have a walking tour in the city centre to see the highlights of Florence and turning it into a funny treasure hunt for the whole family!
With kids, it is possible to visit museums like the Academy Gallery, to discover the story of David and Michelangelo, or the Uffizi Museum, to meet lots of mythological characters, or the Boboli Garden, to get lost among beautiful fountains and statues!

Become an explorer for a day: take your backpack, hat & camera and start discovering Florence.

I Like Florence treasure hunt is a must for families! Kids love it and it’s funny for parents too. It takes place in the city centre, passing by the most famous places (Cathedral Square, Signoria Square, the Porcellino Market, Republic Square, the Old Bridge).
With an iPad, we go in search for statues, symbols and emblems scattered across our city. We retrace the mythological adventures of Perseus, Neptune and Hercules in Signoria Square. We change into Medieval Florentine people and we can learn the Medici Family stories!
At the end of our adventure... A nice prize for our little explorers!!!

Kids and museums: a perfect mix

Would you like to visit the two most important museums of Florence but do you have kids? No problem!!
I Like Florence will arrange your visits!
In the Academy Gallery we discover the story of a marble giant, the David!
We learn about the life of a boy, Michelangelo, who wanted to became a sculptor and carved this incredible, tall statue for his city!
In the Uffizi Museum we learn the secret stories of many famous artists and their masterpieces, like the Venus by Botticelli, the Annunciation by Leonardo and the Medusa by Caravaggio.
If you prefer, we can admire the nature in the Boboli Garden: here, we walk on the Medici footsteps and we take beautiful pictures of every corners you love!

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 150,00 euro
(Rates are per tour, tickets not included)

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