Inferno Tour

Live the magic atmosphere of "Inferno" by Dan Brown and the story of Robert and Sienna!

If you have enjoyed "Da Vinci's Code" and "Angels and Demons", you'll enjoy following professor Langdon in his new adventure, "Inferno", along the streets of Florence! With our Inferno tour, you'll delve into the dark stories of Florence Medieval past during the time of Dante and the Renaissance, walking on the footsteps of Robert and discovering hidden, Florentine mysteries. The Buontalenti Cave, the Ponte Vecchio with the Vasari Corridor, the Palazzo Vecchio. Find the famous sentence "Cerca Trova" and the death mask of Dante Alighieri. From the church of Dante to the San Giovanni Baptistery... This is the path of our tour searching for the stolen mask! The tour includes the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio and the Baptistery of San Giovanni.

And now… Are you ready? Let’s go!

Our itinerary starts at the Buontalenti Cave, a peculiar artwork in the Boboli gardens, an amazing outdoor museum behind the Pitti Palace. Our guides will tell you the story of these places, their bondings with the local history and “Inferno”.

Then, follow the Vasari Corridor, the escape route from the Boboli Gardens used by Robert and Sienna! The Corridor is a secret passage commissioned to Giorgio Vasari by Cosimo dei Medici to provide a direct way to get from Palazzo Vecchio to the residence of Palazzo Pitti without danger along the streets. You reach the Old Bridge and here you will discover its long story, with its shining windows of goldsmiths and silversmiths. From the bridge, we arrive in the Uffizi Museum courtyard and we stop in front of a small door on the wall of Palazzo Vecchio made during the Middle Age to leave the palace secretly.

Here, we enter the Palazzo Vecchio, with its majestic Salone dei Cinquecento, or Hall of the Five Hundred, and the “studiolo" of Francesco I. Then we go upstairs, searching for Dante’s mask. Our last stop is in the Hall of Maps, looking for “Armenia”.

Outside, we dash into Piazza della Signoria and the Medieval distric. We now move to Dante's home and Dante’s Church, where his muse, Beatrice Portinari, was buried.

The tour end inside the San Giovanni Baptistery, admiring also the amazing Gate of Paradise that embellishes its marble walls.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 150,00euro (Rates are per tour, tickets not included )

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