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With this private tour, we can discover unknown Florentine places, unmissable for history, crafts and food lovers!

Our tour starts in Piazza Santa Croce (Santa Croce Square). We visit the famous Santa Croce Church, a Medieval Franciscan church that houses the tombs of very important Italian men: Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli. Here we admire amazing frescoes by Giotto, Florentine master of 13th century.
After this deep immersion in the Florentine and Italian art and history, we walk towards one of the most genuine neighbourhoods of Florence, the Sant’Ambrogio district.

First stop is the artisan workshop of Commesso fiorentino. Called “The Florentine mosaic”, it was born in the 16th century thanks to the Medici Family and never forgotten! Several amazing Florentine masterworks were made with this technique in the past. In this workshop you will admire famous craftsmen at work. They will teach you the secret of this ancient art and they will show you some amazing pieces created by the their expert hands.
In a few steps we reach Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio (the Sant’Ambrogio food market). This is an historical local market where you can taste unforgettable authentic Florentine flavors! This market, built in 1873 after the destruction of the “Old market” in Piazza della Repubblica, is daily visited by many Florentines searching for good food and Tuscan specialities. In the market we can try the most traditional food of Florence like schiacciata (our focaccia), Tuscan salame and prosciutto and our special “coccoli”!! We can taste our pecorino cheese with a little honey or balsamic vinegar. And you can’t miss to taste the famous Tuscan olive oil and a glass of a good Chianti wine.
Our greedy tour ends in a nice cafeteria. Here we taste different kinds of espresso and delicious chocolate wrapped in a magical atmosphere made by sweet sounds and flavors.

Food, art and wine....What else?

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